Скоро в продаже
В ближайшее время в продажу поступит ряд новых продуктов под маркой NEO Elements. А пока мы готовы разработать и произвести продукт под Ваш заказ.
bore cleaning foam
Expanding foam formula fills the bore to attack copper and powder fouling, attack lead.

Contact with copper turns the foam blue, so you can see when the copper is removed. Convenient spray tube directs foam directly into the bore. Safe for gun steel. Contains no ammonia, so you can leave the foam in bore up to 2 hours. No ammonia odor.

universal gun oil for regular cleaning
Removes carbon, lead, copper residue and rust. The most popular universal oil. Protect inner and external parts of the firearm. Keep rust from developing and prevent corrosion even in adverse conditions.

This superior water-repellent displace moisture after the first spraying. Provide protection for all inner workings of your firearm. Solve gum, dried grease and oil.

high penetrating foam
This superior penetrate oil creep deep into metal pores and surface flaws, thereby exfoliate even old fouling. Solve and remove gum, dried grease and oil, carbon deposits.
Loosen metal joints, bolts, studs, screws, bearings, pipe threads, spindles, valve guides or any tight parts. Displace moisture, prevent rust and lubricate moving parts.

Can be used on all firearm metal surfaces.

based on ammonia
For professional cleaning: removes powder fouling, copper, lead.
Safe for gun steel and alloys.
Penetrate deep and solve heavy copper fouling almost instantly using only patches or mops.
cuprum remover with NO ammonia
CUPRUM REMOVER NEW – no ammonia formula, non toxic. Can be left in the barrel up to 2 hours.

Helps to keep the barrel clean, make the weapon more accurate.
Great for hunters, army, police, professionals and amateurs.

neutral gun oil
Applied for all firearm metal surfaces. Has high penetrate ability. Leaving behind a thin film that protect from moisture and debris. Applying this gun oil will reduce friction between pieces as well as rust and corrosion. The best to use after each shooting session.

Applying for door butts, locks, sewing-machines, joints, etc.
cleaner and degreaser
This cleaner and degreaser removes gum and oils from all metal surfaces. Apply it to prepare the surface for cold blackening.
Evaporates from the surface with no residual film left.
removes rust and old blackening and bluing
Removes old blackening and bluing, rust before rebluing/reblackening. Easy to apply to angled or vertical surfaces, doesn't flow. Improves the adhesion of paint coatings to metal surfaces.

Great to use on car body parts, weapons, metal fences, water and gas pipes, drain pipes, garden tools, metal items, etc.

for blackening your firearm
Applying for gun refinishing. Superior additives let the process of blackening be fast and easy.

Great for army, police, hunters and amateurs.

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